Bitrising Real Business Or Just Scam

Bitrising – Company Review

In recent times, BitRising has been getting lots of attention. Many people are pitching it on several social media. You may see it on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Do you want to know more about this business? Is it a real business? You can read these reviews to decide whether BitRising is a real business or a scam.   

BitRising is one of the most recent companies in the MLM market. If you visit the official website of this company, you will meet quite lack information concerning who owns and runs the company. If there is a company that does not give any information regarding the people who are behind the company and the place where they are located, some people will be met worrisome feelings. Providing the information about the owner and the location of the company is basically a good business practice. When the information is not given, some people can be unsure with the business.

In the BitRising website, there is a message that stated that this system was created by three individuals, the founder and funding members. However, there is no detail regarding to who are these three individuals. When taking a look at the domain name, it was registered on September  11th,  2016. Unluckily, the domain registration is set with private state. We cannot know the detail of the location of this company.

Concerning the product line of BitRising, there is not much to talk about. Product lines are generally important for an MLM company. They can create successful and healthy company. A company will get income from the profit of the selling action. On the other hand, this company does not have product line. It means that there are no any products or services for the members to sell to the customers. With no product line, BitRising cannot generate the retail sales. The only source of income that will fund the company is the sponsor that is getting from the members. The members should purchase the positions in the matrix system. This is not a new business model in MLM market. We have seen several times through other MLM businesses. But, it does not mean that this model can be a successful business model.

If we look at the compensation plan that has set by BitRising, we can see a system with a 2 x 6 matrix cycler. The 2 x 6 matrix will complete by filling all 126 positions. The positions can be filled by direct and indirect recruitment. After the positions are fully filled, the payments get give out to the members who are the part of completed matrix.

The member of BitRising should give payment of 0.02 BTC in order to make safe a position in the matrix system. Once he/she gives this payment, they are qualified to get two payments (0.02 BTC) from the other members within the company. There are 6 levels that members can earn on through the matrix system. The 6th level offers up to 64 payments of 2 BTC. These payments are actually the gifts from the other members.

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