Be Careful in Selecting MLM Companies

selecting mlm company

It sounds good for you to join MLM business, especially after you heard your friends’ story about this business. you will feel envious when you know your friend’s income and they do not have to wait for the certain date to get their income.

How about you?

Do you think all of the people in this business will get the same opportunity to be rich? The answer is NO! I will say the big NO because it depends on your MLM companies. You can check is it become one of the top MLM companies? You have to consider more if it is not!

Selecting MLM Company

To know more about the top MLM companies is can be done by reading more of the customer reviews.

You will know whether those MLM companies are good or bad based on the customer reviews. When you already sure about it and you have the branch of it in your country, you can join it. you should avoid joining the MLM business which is not in your country.

You will find many difficulties in the future, especially related to the products arrival time and any complain later. You cannot imagine that all of the business will go smoothly. You will find the problem later.

Top MLM companies usually will give the briefing and training first for their affiliation members. The level will get up when they can make the increase of the product selling and recruitment.

In addition, the top companies are also will do the gathering in several months. It needs to do to re-energize their affiliation members, especially they are who lose their spirit. It means the top companies know how to make their members keep loyal. Not only it, the rewards are waiting too! It is good for you who love the reward and prizes. You will do anything to get it, won’t you?

Top MLM companies will not give you the strict rule so that you will out after you cannot reach your target. It does not seem like that. Your member still active and the company, for example, is your leader will do many things for you to help you out from your dark zone. You will get the clear information, motivation, and help from your leader.

That is the function of the leader. If you in the later become the leader, you need to do the same thing too. Is there any another thing to worry anymore? If you already notice and find that all of those criteria are in your MLM business, you can feel safe and relax. You can trust that business.

You can enjoy in doing it without worry to pay nothing for your purchase first. It is good if you can find the MLM companies that ask the purchase for the affiliation member in cheap or affordable cost. You will not get stress if you cannot get your money back because selling and recruit are not as simple as you thought.

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MLM Companies And Business Can Change Your Life

Have you ever heard that MLM opportunities can change your life if you take that opportunity? If you think so, you can try to find what kind of MLM business that can change someone’s life. What kind of MLM business that can give so many profits to their affiliation members and how is the work and the scheme payment of it?

mlm companies

You can check it more before you make any decision to join it. do you think you can get it easily? You should notice the system of the MLM business you chose first and be ready with the working system.

Before you join and take the MLM opportunities, you should ask yourself. Will you let your job now on the table and move fully in MLM?  In the other hand, do you choose MLM business as your side job? You should ask about it in yourself.

MLM  Business – Best Part

The good MLM business is the one that will not give you any punishment if you cannot totally in it. the good one usually will give you the prohibition time to repair your working management in this business. the next to thing is about the profit and what would you like to do after you join this business?

It is good when finally you take the MLM opportunities and you already purchase for the affiliation for something real. It means it is good if you know what you sell.

It is better if you know the real shape and size of something you sell and offer to another person, especially to attract someone else to join your business. It does not like when you buy something but you cannot see everything about it.

You really have to be careful in it. you will not find that your life has changed into something better if you do not know what would you do in this business, especially you do not know the thing to sell.

Before you take MLM opportunities, it is good for you to learn about the working mechanism. You can have fantastic income if you know the procedure of the work and reach the target.

Therefore, to reach the target, you have to follow some steps, so that you can reach it on time. You will be someone in fantastic salary if you get the point in it. however, you know by yourself about your spirit to join it. you also know by yourself about your ability and effort. Are you suitable to get that much that explained by your MLM company?

It is good to ask your family and your close friends about it. You can ask them to join too so that you will have many downlines. It helps you to gain the top position faster. Welcome to the energy, time, and financial freedom!

You can have more than you thought by joining this business. what are you waiting for?  check about the MLM companies around you and check its profile. Are you suitable to join it?

Bitrising Real Business Or Just Scam

Bitrising – Company Review

In recent times, BitRising has been getting lots of attention. Many people are pitching it on several social media. You may see it on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Do you want to know more about this business? Is it a real business? You can read these reviews to decide whether BitRising is a real business or a scam.   

BitRising is one of the most recent companies in the MLM market. If you visit the official website of this company, you will meet quite lack information concerning who owns and runs the company. If there is a company that does not give any information regarding the people who are behind the company and the place where they are located, some people will be met worrisome feelings. Providing the information about the owner and the location of the company is basically a good business practice. When the information is not given, some people can be unsure with the business.

In the BitRising website, there is a message that stated that this system was created by three individuals, the founder and funding members. However, there is no detail regarding to who are these three individuals. When taking a look at the domain name, it was registered on September  11th,  2016. Unluckily, the domain registration is set with private state. We cannot know the detail of the location of this company.

Concerning the product line of BitRising, there is not much to talk about. Product lines are generally important for an MLM company. They can create successful and healthy company. A company will get income from the profit of the selling action. On the other hand, this company does not have product line. It means that there are no any products or services for the members to sell to the customers. With no product line, BitRising cannot generate the retail sales. The only source of income that will fund the company is the sponsor that is getting from the members. The members should purchase the positions in the matrix system. This is not a new business model in MLM market. We have seen several times through other MLM businesses. But, it does not mean that this model can be a successful business model.

If we look at the compensation plan that has set by BitRising, we can see a system with a 2 x 6 matrix cycler. The 2 x 6 matrix will complete by filling all 126 positions. The positions can be filled by direct and indirect recruitment. After the positions are fully filled, the payments get give out to the members who are the part of completed matrix.

The member of BitRising should give payment of 0.02 BTC in order to make safe a position in the matrix system. Once he/she gives this payment, they are qualified to get two payments (0.02 BTC) from the other members within the company. There are 6 levels that members can earn on through the matrix system. The 6th level offers up to 64 payments of 2 BTC. These payments are actually the gifts from the other members.

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OneCoin MLM Company – Asia Convention Breaks 10k


We all know the stories going on around the company OneCoin – now OneLife Network  (OLN) and how seven of the top ten income earners in ALL of MLM are with this company.

We will refer to the company as  “OneCoin” even though it’s now OneLife Network.

OneCoin Momentum 

It certainly is quite the story.  OneCoin cryptocurrency company has only been around for a couple years now.

Dr. Ruja Ignatovaonecoin dr ruja is leading the way as the company literally starts taking over countries. There top distributor is now earning in access of 4 million dollars with the relatively new company.

So what exactly makes OneCoin different from everything else out there?  Well it’s a new trend that’s happening after the emergence of BitCoin.

Every so often a new idea surfaces and OneCoin is no different.  The MLM industry was basically cluttered with health and wellness, anti-aging, juices and Ponzi schemes that have no product or service.

OneCoin Scam?

So why is it that some people are asking about OneCoin and if it’s a scam?

Well only time will tell really.  As it stand there most recent convention in Asia housed well over 10,000 attendees.  I thought Bangkok already had enough people guess they didn’t mind the OneCoin folk hanging out for a few days!

At this moment in time it seems that OneCoin – OneLife Network is growing faster than every.  Leaders from around the world are taking up positions in this company trying to grab a piece of the pie.  It really is a phenomenon that’s taking places.

Most companies that are literally only a couple years old are thankful if they are doing 20 or 30 million in business.  OneCoin is already cracking the billion dollar a year mark.

Really crazy!!!

OneCoin Members

As of September it is now confirmed that OVER 2.3 million members have signed up with OneCoin! That is some serious serious growth!

As of September 2016 OneCoin has now rebranded themselves as OneLife Network or OLN! is the online hub that houses 2.3 million OneCoin users!  They provide there members with all the websites and tools they need to run a thriving business.  They have also introduced their first “physical product” called the OneTablet.  This was also brought out at the company event in Bangkok. is the brand new website that houses all of the educational materials for OneCoin distributors to get trained.

We all know there are so many financial trends and OneCoin really wants their distributors to be trained and ready to go.  Some of the most highly sought after business men are calling crypto-currency to be at the forefront of, well, basically everything that deals with money!

OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova went on to say “We build a billion-euro company that is present in over 190 countries and 6 continents, and we’re showing the world we are much more than just a cryptocurrency”!

So where exactly is OneCoin headed? That is a great question.  We can see some things happening such as rebranding themselves.  Companies do this for various reasons.

It’s very common for companies to refer to themselves as “educational” because it’s a bit softer of a pitch.  Is that Dr. Ruja’s intention?  Tough to say.

It certainly is fun watching a company with this kind of momentum.  It seems that every place OneCoin goes it’s game over.   They open the flood gates and the masses start coming in!

Whether or not OneCoin is a completely 100% legit company only time will tell.  If you don’t know OneCoin is under investigation in Poland so we’ll have to see what happens with that!

You Have To Understand Online Business Has Obstacles


business obstacles

Business Obstacles In Online Business

Online business in this globalization era raises a lot of negative and positive impacts. One of the positive impacts is it can be an opportunity for anyone around the world to jump into this business. Therefore, online businesses are now highly developed.

Today, everything can be accessed easily and quickly. However, behind the story of the success of online business.

There are many things to know, especially the common problems that often happened. Those problems can make most of online businesses get unsatisfactory results.

a. Intense competition

The amount of people who try this business can also turn into an obstacle. Many online businesses that are available would lessen the target market. Intense competition can be a big obstacle for the online business, especially for less serious businessmen.

If the products that are sold have same segment with several other online shops, competing through price can be good solution.

For the example, if your products are clothes, bags, or shoes, you can put a slightly lower price. You can also give a bit high price with the quality that much better.

The other way is to find a product that is unique and different. Try to choose or create a unique item, but trendy and attractive. Lastly, play suitable marketing strategy to attract the target. Giving a discount or a gift for those who order more than 2 pieces is also great strategy.

b. Supplier

The common problem is a businessman cannot find the right supplier as a partner so the sale activity is hampered since the goods do not exist. Try to find the right partner when starting the business. After finding the right supplier, you should keep the relationship and mutual trust each other.

You need to do each job professionally, if you want to be successful. If you make an agreement, try to discuss the contents of the agreement carefully and fairly, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Do not forget to maintain relationships with various parties.

c. Fraud

Online business is not only an opportunity for businessman, but also an opportunity for criminals to exploit this trend to commit fraud. Various cases of fraud online shop was widely reported on TV, newspapers, even the users of social media.

Typically, the users of social media who have been victims will upload their experiences that deceived by fake online shop. They hope no one will be the next victim. Several cases that occur are consumers transfer their money to certain account, but the goods are never delivered.

To resolve this problem, you need to include a phone number to call. In addition to telephone numbers, you can also include address, BBM, and other social media accounts.

Do not forget to include the testimony of buyers who have received the goods and satisfied with the service. Contact the customer concerned on a regular basis as much as possible to follow up the receipt of the goods.

This is done to make the consumers feel safe and believe that the goods will arrive to them within a specified time.