You Have To Understand Online Business Has Obstacles


business obstacles

Business Obstacles In Online Business

Online business in this globalization era raises a lot of negative and positive impacts. One of the positive impacts is it can be an opportunity for anyone around the world to jump into this business. Therefore, online businesses are now highly developed.

Today, everything can be accessed easily and quickly. However, behind the story of the success of online business.

There are many things to know, especially the common problems that often happened. Those problems can make most of online businesses get unsatisfactory results.

a. Intense competition

The amount of people who try this business can also turn into an obstacle. Many online businesses that are available would lessen the target market. Intense competition can be a big obstacle for the online business, especially for less serious businessmen.

If the products that are sold have same segment with several other online shops, competing through price can be good solution.

For the example, if your products are clothes, bags, or shoes, you can put a slightly lower price. You can also give a bit high price with the quality that much better.

The other way is to find a product that is unique and different. Try to choose or create a unique item, but trendy and attractive. Lastly, play suitable marketing strategy to attract the target. Giving a discount or a gift for those who order more than 2 pieces is also great strategy.

b. Supplier

The common problem is a businessman cannot find the right supplier as a partner so the sale activity is hampered since the goods do not exist. Try to find the right partner when starting the business. After finding the right supplier, you should keep the relationship and mutual trust each other.

You need to do each job professionally, if you want to be successful. If you make an agreement, try to discuss the contents of the agreement carefully and fairly, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Do not forget to maintain relationships with various parties.

c. Fraud

Online business is not only an opportunity for businessman, but also an opportunity for criminals to exploit this trend to commit fraud. Various cases of fraud online shop was widely reported on TV, newspapers, even the users of social media.

Typically, the users of social media who have been victims will upload their experiences that deceived by fake online shop. They hope no one will be the next victim. Several cases that occur are consumers transfer their money to certain account, but the goods are never delivered.

To resolve this problem, you need to include a phone number to call. In addition to telephone numbers, you can also include address, BBM, and other social media accounts.

Do not forget to include the testimony of buyers who have received the goods and satisfied with the service. Contact the customer concerned on a regular basis as much as possible to follow up the receipt of the goods.

This is done to make the consumers feel safe and believe that the goods will arrive to them within a specified time.