OneCoin MLM Company – Asia Convention Breaks 10k


We all know the stories going on around the company OneCoin – now OneLife Network  (OLN) and how seven of the top ten income earners in ALL of MLM are with this company.

We will refer to the company as  “OneCoin” even though it’s now OneLife Network.

OneCoin Momentum 

It certainly is quite the story.  OneCoin cryptocurrency company has only been around for a couple years now.

Dr. Ruja Ignatovaonecoin dr ruja is leading the way as the company literally starts taking over countries. There top distributor is now earning in access of 4 million dollars with the relatively new company.

So what exactly makes OneCoin different from everything else out there?  Well it’s a new trend that’s happening after the emergence of BitCoin.

Every so often a new idea surfaces and OneCoin is no different.  The MLM industry was basically cluttered with health and wellness, anti-aging, juices and Ponzi schemes that have no product or service.

OneCoin Scam?

So why is it that some people are asking about OneCoin and if it’s a scam?

Well only time will tell really.  As it stand there most recent convention in Asia housed well over 10,000 attendees.  I thought Bangkok already had enough people guess they didn’t mind the OneCoin folk hanging out for a few days!

At this moment in time it seems that OneCoin – OneLife Network is growing faster than every.  Leaders from around the world are taking up positions in this company trying to grab a piece of the pie.  It really is a phenomenon that’s taking places.

Most companies that are literally only a couple years old are thankful if they are doing 20 or 30 million in business.  OneCoin is already cracking the billion dollar a year mark.

Really crazy!!!

OneCoin Members

As of September it is now confirmed that OVER 2.3 million members have signed up with OneCoin! That is some serious serious growth!

As of September 2016 OneCoin has now rebranded themselves as OneLife Network or OLN! is the online hub that houses 2.3 million OneCoin users!  They provide there members with all the websites and tools they need to run a thriving business.  They have also introduced their first “physical product” called the OneTablet.  This was also brought out at the company event in Bangkok. is the brand new website that houses all of the educational materials for OneCoin distributors to get trained.

We all know there are so many financial trends and OneCoin really wants their distributors to be trained and ready to go.  Some of the most highly sought after business men are calling crypto-currency to be at the forefront of, well, basically everything that deals with money!

OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova went on to say “We build a billion-euro company that is present in over 190 countries and 6 continents, and we’re showing the world we are much more than just a cryptocurrency”!

So where exactly is OneCoin headed? That is a great question.  We can see some things happening such as rebranding themselves.  Companies do this for various reasons.

It’s very common for companies to refer to themselves as “educational” because it’s a bit softer of a pitch.  Is that Dr. Ruja’s intention?  Tough to say.

It certainly is fun watching a company with this kind of momentum.  It seems that every place OneCoin goes it’s game over.   They open the flood gates and the masses start coming in!

Whether or not OneCoin is a completely 100% legit company only time will tell.  If you don’t know OneCoin is under investigation in Poland so we’ll have to see what happens with that!